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Cookin is used by culinary entrepreneurs to make launching and growing their online food business easy.

Cookin makes selling food online easy.

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Your business, powered by Cookin

Built for food creators and their customers

Engage customers, generate sales

Build and customize a professional online store in minutes.

Reach new customers and enhance their experience with full-service delivery.

Connect with customers automatically, with menu alerts and delivery notifications.

Easily manage your online business

Track orders, manage inventory, and control your schedule, all in one place.

Get notified when you receive orders and when it’s time to cook.

Manage on the web or through Cookin’s dedicated app when you’re in the kitchen

Access dedicated support to help grow your business

Scale your business with 7-day a week support from industry professionals.

Grow your business using our marketing resources and consultation.

Preferred pricing on packaging and insurance providers.

Inside the Cookin journey

Hear from the chefs who use Cookin to professionalize their business.

Simply priced - no fluff added

Figuring out what you’re going to pay shouldn’t require a PhD.


Cancel anytime - pay monthly

5% per transaction covers service and payment processing fees

  • Online ordering website
  • On-demand and pre-order
  • Dedicated Order Management app
  • Access to an extensive delivery network
  • Comprehensive support
  • Marketing tools and resources
  • Access to the Cookin Community - a network of like-minded food creators

Powerful enough for a restaurant but made for you

From home chefs to restaurant pop-ups, Cookin makes online ordering and delivery easier for all kinds of food businesses.

  • Limited-Time Drops
  • Home Chefs
  • Meal Prep
  • Caterers
  • Limited-Time Drops
  • Home Chefs
  • Meal Prep
  • Caterers
  • Pop-ups
  • Bakeries
  • Events
  • Concept Tests
  • Pop-ups
  • Bakeries
  • Events
  • Concept Tests
  • Weekly Meals
  • Specialty Items
  • Private Chefs
  • Cooking Classes
  • Weekly Meals
  • Specialty Items
  • Private Chefs
  • Cooking Classes
  • Get ready to take your food business to the next level.

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    How to start your own food business

    Whether you’re a formally trained chef d’cuisine or the family member famous for their amazing home cooking, we have all the tools to help you start your business, create your website, take orders and get your food into the hands of happy customers.

    Everything you need, none of the headache

    No more messy sticky notes or endless DMs. With Cookin, unlock the tools you need to organize and grow your business.

    DIY OnlineStore

    Your professional, customizable website that showcases your menu items and supports all business types.


    Your online store accepts all forms of customer payments, securely processes them, and pays you out weekly.


    Choose to integrate with delivery and offer customers pickup – whatever works best for you and you customers.


    7 days a week customer support to support you and your customers.


    Keep your customers engaged with delivery notifications and new menu alerts.


    Customize your storefront, track orders, manage inventory, set your schedule and more.


    Get notified about new orders and when it’s time to cook, and review your orders when you’re in the kitchen.


    Expand the customers you can reach with seamless delivery integrated with trusted delivery partners.

    The CookinMarketplace App

    Your customers can reorder, save payment methods & track their orders better through the Cookin marketplace app.

    Your questions, answered

    What is Cookin?

    The Cookin platform is a system of tools and services designed for culinary entrepreneurs to manage their online food business professionally and make ordering and delivery easier and smarter for them and their customers.

    Do I need professional cooking credentials?

    We have a wide range of talented chefs using our platform, from startups to seasoned chefs. As long as you have a passion for cooking and operating a food business, you can succeed using Cookin.

    How do I get paid?

    You connect your bank account directly to our platform and get paid via direct deposit. You have total control over your menu creation. You set the prices and also determine how many of each dish you want to make available when your virtual restaurant is open.

    How does packaging work?

    The Cookin team can help guide you on packaging choices, and direct you to the appropriate resources for purchasing suitable packaging. We’ll also provide you with preferred rates on packaging.

    How does delivery work?

    We’ll send a driver to your door to pick-up the meal and deliver it to the customer. All you have to do is focus on cooking the food!

    How much can I earn per week / month?

    Your earnings depend on a number of things, including how frequently you decide to work, how much inventory you make available and how you price your products. How much you make also depends heavily on how much you market to sell to customers. We have people using the Cookin platform to run their full-time business who employ staff!

    How do customers find out about my store?

    Cookin’s dedicated customer support team provides support, tools and resources to help you market your own business. And our smart features are designed to help you reach your customers like you never could before. The most important thing, besides making great food, is selling it to customers. And we’re here to help you do that.

    What’s the difference between Cookin’s Platform and Marketplace?

    The Cookin Platform is designed for local food creators to launch and operate an online food ordering and delivery business – whether you’re just starting out or have an established brand, the Cookin Platform is for creators that need a sophisticated, yet simple way to operate and scale their business. And where we have a large number of food creators in one place, we operate Cookin Marketplaces, where customers can discover a diverse variety of local chefs on the Cookin app.

    Where is Cookin available to use?

    Food creators can access and use the Cookin platform everywhere in the United States and Canada.

    Have more questions?

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    Cookin is rethinking an entire food delivery industry to provide a more inclusive, diverse and accessible platform that connects talented chefs and customers.