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It’s your kitchen. We’re just helping you make money from it.

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited earning potential and control over how, when, and where you cook. Finally, your kitchen can make some dough – literally.

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How it works

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Build your business

With Cookin, you’ll have access to a marketplace of hungry customers, packaging, marketing support and a dedicated cook success team.

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Become your own boss

Make your own menu and choose only the days and hours that workfor you. You’ve got total control over how, when and where you do your thing.

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We’ll take care of the logistics

We manage the delivery, payments, and customer support, so you can enjoy getting paid to cook for hungry customers without the stress.

Cooking isn’t always easy, but Cookin is

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Get approved

Our dedicated cook success team supports you at every stage of the onboarding journey, from certification and menu development to building and launching your store on the Cookin app.

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Get Cookin

Schedule your availability on the dedicated Cook app, cook from the comfort of your home kitchen or from one of our commercial spaces and start serving hungry customers.

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Get paid

Your earnings are directly deposited to your account through our platform weekly, so you can focus on maximizing your earning potential.

Any questions?

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How does delivery work?

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What type of support do I get being on the Cookin Marketplace?

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It’s not just what’s for dinner. It’s who made it.

Cooks are the lifeblood of Cookin. They’re people in our community who have a genuine love and talent for cooking, and infuse every meal they create with heritage and passion.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established brand, Cookin is here to help you bring your food to the community.

Every meal is an

Cookin is rethinking an entire food delivery industry to provide a more inclusive, equitable and fair option to connect talented cooks directly with customers.