Safety first, always

All Cookin food creators on the Cookin marketplace go through a careful review process and are required to obtain the local accredited food handlers certification and undergo a kitchen inspection prior to cooking their first dish on the platform.

chef sprinkling chopped garlic into hot pan

Cookin health & safety protocols

  • Every cook is required to wear a hair restraint while preparing and cooking food.
  • Every cook is required to list any common major allergens in their menus.
  • Every cook is required to place their prepared foods in our Cookin bag along with a tamper proof seal.
  • Every cook has access to our Cookin Onboarding Guide, which provides ongoing education on the latest health and safety protocols for the kitchen.

Every meal is an

Cookin is rethinking an entire food delivery industry to provide a more inclusive, diverse and accessible platform that connects talented chefs and customers.